Who is poisoning the homeless men of Manhattan, and why? When a cluster of inexplicable deaths plague Dr. Peter Branstead's neurology service at St. Mark's Hospital in Greenwich Village, his investigation leads him far beyond the boundaries of the hospital, Lower Manhattan, or even the United States, and into a deadly game of international intrigue and danger. Peter discovers how deeply he is involved when it threatens the life of his girlfriend, psychologist Megan Hutchins, who has unwittingly stumbled onto the plot herself. 

Peter must unravel the mystery of these murders, discover the antidote and foil the plot by heading right into the conspirator's den. And if he can do all this, he must somehow escape while being tracked by a killer so ruthless and brutal that the most vicious criminals on two continents live in fear of his wrath. At stake are the future of Europe and the lives of Peter and those he holds most dear.